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Wildy, also known as Stacy Self, has been painting MURALS professionally for over 25 years. After studying at SVA in NY and the Royal College of Art in London she landed at St. Louis's CITY MUSEUM as Artist-In-Residence where she created a space for large-scale COLLABORATIVE mural painting and invited the public to get involved with painting large scale works on a daily basis offering mural painting parties, team-builder exercises and community builder mural events for groups of all sizes.


Wildy's art is a synthesis of her earliest memories traveling the world from age 3 and her experiences as an Art Educator working with students aged 0 through hospice.   


Ms. Self's work at WildysWorld! focuses on Team Building and Community Building MURALS, therapeutic recreation, as well as providing Arts Entertainment opportunities for public and private GROUPS and travelers involved in her hand-crafted ALWAN Art Adventures worldwide art treks.


Her mission centers on transforming, nurturing, and healing our world culture by generating creative positive energy through therapeutic artmaking sessions worldwide. Sharing the Paradigm of JOY and inspiring the world through collaborative Interactive GROUP MURAL experiences is what Wildy is all about!  


Wildy Self's art is pure spirit and joyful presence. ALWAN, her traveling Art School experience, is available starting Summer 202 where Wildy serves as a creativity and travel coach facilitating worldwide art trips she calls ART ADVENTURES for small groups of 1 - 3 people to explore the most beautiful places on Earth for 1, 2, 3 or 4 week ART TRAVEL experiences involving  experimental learning and fearless discovery - FRESH EYES - PURE HEARTS - OUR FUTURE - THE COMMUNITY!


Dynamic mixed-media expressions flood her canvases and spaces with soulful heart-felt ELATION! Let your CREATIVE juices FLOW* Take a walk on the WILDy side!




Come visit her at WildysWorld! 


106 Orr Street Studios

Columbia MO

Call to book PARTIES, Team Builders or LESSONS


(417) 331-0341

Wildy Self

artist/artteacher/travel coach

Art Adventures schedule Summer 2023

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