WildysWorld! provides the ultimate UNIQUE Team Building Experience.  Your Professional Group will be guided through an energetic and dynamic INTERACTIVE Team Excercise focused on painting a MURAL.  A GROUP MURAL painting Event can INSPIRE and UNIFY any TEAM . All members are encouraged to participate in the INTERACTIVE excercise. Your MURALmaking EVENT involves a Creative PROCESS tailored specifically to your groups MISSION AND VISION.  TEAM members will  COLLABORATE to produce a MURAL which can be installed in your Office or Workspace improving the Cultural Climate by enriching and UPLIFTING your work SPACE.

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Missouri Municipal League

Missouri Mayors invited WildysWorld! to facilitate a TEAM Builder experience at a Columbia Conference held at the ROOF on the top floor of the Broadway Hotel. 20 Mayors collaborated on a MURAL which they plan to hang in their Headquarters in the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City.

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