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 Art Travel ADVENTURES abroad


Let's GO! There is a big WILD WORLD out there and we can experience it together.

WildysWorld! Art is taking a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with private art trips orchestrated and facilitated by lifelong world traveler, trained Artist and Art Educator, Wildy Self, your travel planner, guide, art teacher, booking agent, driver, cook and companion. This is your private custom crafted cultural experience. Everything will all be taken care of while you relax and enjoy cultural immersion in the destination of your choice or join one of my art treks open to the public. Art Instruction and creative skills practice is available twice a day. You will have your own private ART TEACHER and Art Historian onboard and on call! Let me know WHERE you (+1 or 2) would like to explore.  ART ADVENTURES are designed specifically around your dreams and visions. CURRENTLY offering 4 two week private trips through ECUADOR in May and June 2024.

This is the new #wildysworldart ALWAN traveling ART experience. More ART TRIPS for 2024 being crafted as we speak!

Enjoy these two week private trips through ECUADOR 

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Talk to you soon!

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