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TEAM Building

TEAM Building exercises all of the major COMMUNITY functioning ports of humanity. It is my most constructive and poignant service at WildysWorld! MURALmakers Studio.

As an individual, Art can heal, spreading outward from our core. It taps into the essence of WHAT IT IS TO BE HUMAN! Art History can trace physical artistic expressions or 'artifacts' back as far as the 1st peoples who walked the earth. They were MAKING THEIR MARK and whatever tools they needed to thrive. Just as we do today. But, WHAT ARE WE MAKING ? ... ? ... WHAT ARE WE MAKING as a culture ?

Whey you bring your group or TEAM to WildysWorld! for a Team Builder Exercise, COLLABORATION ensues. CO (together) LABOR (work) ATE (eat, drink and be merry? hah!) - to 'collaborate' is the most important activity that we engage in everyday. Are we UNITED? - as in 'unity' - as in 'community'. OR are we serving to DIVIDE? - as in 'individual' - as in 'dual'. What do we want to build together? What shall OUR ARTIFACTS be?

Coming together to unite in a creative conversation involving paint and joy, a mission, a vision, a theme, an organization, family, club or group, is a wonderfully transformative journey full of purpose. Participants leave with an uplifted energetic feeling that they have accomplished something beautiful TOGETHER, with people they care about, to make a difference in some capacity and share joy with everyone who beholds their masterpiece! Enliven and enrich your world. Welcome to WildysWorld!

Columbia Center For Urban Agriculture at WildysWorld! for Build This Town

 Your place or mine?


Wildy will create a fun super unique energetic party atmosphere at your next

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